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Matricaria, official name tanacetum parthenium, is a cut flower with a natural look. Its spicy scent, abundance of flower buds, and characteristic colours make this flower an important part of the modern bouquet.


○ Single Vegmo


○ Baya


○ Amero

About Van Egmond Matricaria

Family business Van Egmond Matricaria has grown over the last 35 years to become one of the most important growers of matricaria, a cut flower. We combine craftsmanship with modern technology in our greenhouses, resulting in top-quality flowers sold both locally and internationally. Our flowers are freshly available every day at Flora Holland locations.

"Van Egmond Matricaria looks towards the future with confidence."

The next generation has joined our company, which guarantees continuity. This is good news for both exporters and florists. Because if you want quality, you buy from Van Egmond Matricaria!

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