About Van Egmond Matricaria

Family business Van Egmond Matricaria has grown over the last 35 years to become one of the most important growers of matricaria, a cut flower. We combine craftsmanship with modern technology in our greenhouses, resulting in top-quality flowers sold both locally and internationally. Our flowers are freshly available every day at Flora Holland locations.

"Van Egmond Matricaria looks towards the future with confidence."

The next generation has joined our company, which guarantees continuity. This is good news for both exporters and florists. Because if you want quality, you buy from Van Egmond Matricaria!

tijdlijn 1983 van egmond

Brothers Piet, Bert and Kees started a 1.1ha flower nursery on the Hoeksekade in Bergschenhoek under the name VOG Gebroeders van Egmond, where lilies and tulips are cultivated.

tijdlijn 1988 van egmond

After expropriation by the province of South Holland, a new 1.1ha site is built at Albert van 't Hartweg 29 in Bleiswijk.

tijdlijn 1990 van egmond

Switching from lilies and tulips to matricaria.

tijdlijn 1999 van egmond

Extension of 1.6ha at Leeuwenhoekweg 102 in Bergschenhoek.

tijdlijn 2000 van egmond

Extension of 1.3ha at Albert van ’t Hartweg 25 in Bleiswijk.

tijdlijn 2001 van egmond

Sale of the 1.6ha greenhouse in Bergschenhoek.

tijdlijn 2017 van egmond

Job, Kees' oldest son, joins the company.

tijdlijn 2018 van egmond

Extension of 2.1ha at Albert van ’t Hartweg 20 in Bleiswijk.

VOF Gebroeders van Egmond becomes Van Egmond Matricaria, with Piet's youngest son Robert and Bert's third son Johan as new partners.

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